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Pool Deck Resurfacing And Pool Deck Repair In Des Moines

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We are a locally formed pool deck resurfacing and concrete coating company known as Artistic Concrete Designs Iowa. Our goal is to bring only the best finishes to the full spectrum of our neighbors in Des Moines from residential to industrial. With our full-service pool deck resurfacing and coatings service, we can’t wait to see what we can do for you!
We specialize in pool deck resurfacing as our team of concrete contractors have decades of combined experience to make sure your job gets done right the first time around. Pool deck resurfacing is becoming a major trend in the residential market due to the affordability compared to replacing existing concrete slabs and the wide range of customization that is available through the process. To prove that we stand behind our work, we are even offering a 1-year warranty against normal wear and tear so you can rest assured knowing your concrete pool deck is able to withstand heavy usage.

Are you unfamiliar with pool deck resurfacing or other facets in the world of concrete pool decks? Don’t worry, we have all the information you need to know and more down below!

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Pool Deck Resealing

Refresh Your Deck
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When it comes to pool deck coatings, most of the concrete coatings that are installed outdoors or poolside are going to be installed with an acrylic or a polyurethane sealer to help protect the coating. The only flaw with these coatings is that they tend to fade within 3-5 years depending on the quality of the sealer and where it is located. The main reasons for sealers fading or failing are:

  • Heavy Exposure To UV Rays
  • Poor Installation/Low-Quality Materials
  • Harsh Chemicals Used In Pools

Where some contractors will try to make this seem like a huge deal to make more money, we will never try to deceive you! Resealing your pool decking is not a hard task at all but can warrant amazing benefits such as:

  • Improved Heat Deflection
  • Increased Slip And Skid Resistance
  • Longer Lasting Pool Deck Coatings

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Our Pool Deck Resurfacing Services

Safer And Attractive Finishes

Many homeowners are unaware of what a resurfacing pool decking really is, so let’s clarify. Pool deck resurfacing is the process where we use a micro topping to create a smooth and uniform surface for the rest of the pool decking. This micro topping also fills all cracks and gouges to remove them from the decking. Here is what we can do after this process

Artistic Concrete Designs Iowa Offers The Following Materials For Resurfacing:
  • Stamped concrete is one of the most exotic pool decking materials that can be used to this date. This material is able to be crafted to replicate the appearance of natural stone, paver patterns and even like rustic wood flooring! The appearance of the material can even be improved by using stains to create highs and lows to make the replicated appearance look even more realistic!
  • Not into the flashy appearance of a stamped concrete overlay? With an artistic concrete overlay, you could have the durability of a concrete coating but with a different appeal. With an artistic overlay, we can use deep color pigments to create the appearance of marbling or burnishing to provide a beautiful and seamless finish.
  • Sundek has been one of the most trusted pool decking materials since its creation in the early 1970s. They are actually the first company to use the timeless “knock down” texture that has been the most popular coating for decades!.
pool deck resurfacing options
  • A pool deck coating that is making great advances in popularity lately is concrete staining and after you know more about it you can see why. Stains come solvent based and water based with solvent based stains being richer in color and longer lasting with water-based stains being more of a watercolor effect with highs and lows for a less solid color. When the sealer is placed on top of the stain, we offer an additive that will be broadcasted on the sealer that replicates sand for more slip and skid resistance.
  • In some cases, the only resurfacing your decking may require is a nice fresh coat of concrete pool deck paint to really refresh and make the pool safe once again!
pavers over concrete pool deck

Pool Deck Pavers

Pavers are rapidly gaining ground as one of the most popular pool decking options on the market. Heres what placing pavers over concrete pool deck can do for your home:

    • Pool deck pavers are incredibly easy to maintain as they will only need to be swept off or simply washed down with a standard garden hose!


  • Not only are pool deck pavers durable, but they are also resistant the harsh chemicals found in and used on the pool, harsh rays of UV and are not susceptible to cracks when they are properly maintained and installed.


The benefit that homeowners love the most about pavers isn’t their durability or beauty. The trait of pool deck pavers that our past clients love the most is the cost of repair in the off chance that a paver actually breaks. The cost of repairing a paver is the cost of well, one paver! You don’t even need to call the professionals, simply pull out the broken paver and slide a new one in its place. Just like that, your deck looks just like new!

Concrete Pool Deck Repair Des Moines, IA

Makes You Deck Just Like New
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Do you remember when your pool deck was a glowing and enjoyable surface to be on? Now it seems as if the cracks, gouges, and peeling are getting out of hand. There may be some stains or even age may have caused some areas to settle and sink lower than ever. Where other contractors in Des Moines, IA will try to scare you into thinking that these forms of damage are dire and you will need to replace your entire deck, most forms of damage can simply be repaired.

As one of the leading pool decking companies in Des Moines, IA our contractors are trained in pool deck repair and have been supplying affordable decking solutions, pool deck repair, and pool deck crack repair for decades combined. The only requirement is that your concrete pool deck needs to be structurally sound if any repair is going to actually work. If everything checks out, we can get your pool deck back to its former glory or even better than it has ever looked!

  • Cracks are by far the most common form of pool decking damage. This is because no matter how high grade, well treated or even how old your concrete is, concrete is prone to cracking. There are actually two forms of concrete, concrete that has cracked and concrete that is going to crack. Always make sure to catch all cracks in the begging stages as a simple pool deck crack repair can turn into pool deck resurfacing or even the replacement of the entire deck if given enough time.
  • Another common form of damage that frequently occurs on pool decking, in general, is the peeling or delamination of coatings installed on the concrete. This happens most frequently with spray decking and overlays as concrete doesn’t like to expand and contract. Make sure to always look out for delaminated materials as it is easier for water to seep under the remaining decking when some of it is missing or loose
  • Since your concrete pool deck is usually surrounding a massive water source a common problem with decking is the sinking of the concrete deck, especially with older pools and concrete. If you notice your pool decking lowering in areas or being higher in other areas, make sure to act with great haste as though sinking concrete that has sunk 1 foot has been repaired, you don’t want to run the risk of the decking being unrepairable
concrete pool deck resurfacing

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